ixlayer introduces path-breaking technology for safe and efficient distribution of Covid-19 vaccine


Pfizer and Oxford have recently made positive announcements about their respective vaccines against Covid-19 in the trials. Pfizer reported that their vaccine had an efficacy of 95%, while Oxford stated that their vaccine successfully built immunity against the virus in 99% of adult volunteers. So with the problem of finding an effective vaccine against the virus looking closer to being resolved than ever before, the focus is gradually shifting towards developing and finalizing a fast and efficient distribution system for the vaccine. 


The ixlayer Covid-19 vaccine platform

ixlayer has already developed a comprehensive suite of solutions that will drive large scale public and private sector Covid-19 vaccination programs. Our platform will streamline and optimize the incredibly complicated process of distributing Covid-19 vaccines, which will ensure a smooth, safe, and speedy vaccine delivery and distribution. Our platform will simultaneously manage the response to the virus.

Our cutting-edge technology will simplify and strengthen the collaboration between the CDC, various state health departments, and healthcare professionals, thereby delivering a sturdy and near fail-proof vaccine distribution mechanism.

Here are some core features of our state of the art vaccine distribution platform:


  • The ixlayer platform is 100% HIPAA compliant, patient-friendly, and pro-clinician.
  • Our platform delivers end-to-end vaccine distribution solutions. It takes care of everything from patient registration and appointment scheduling to inventory management and public health outreach.
  • The ixlayer dashboard enables concerned organizations, such as employers, school districts, and health bodies, to divide responsibilities.


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Why do we need a unified, cutting-edge vaccine platform?

Even with the most potent vaccines, several hurdles will persist on the path towards a Covid-free America. Most of these hurdles land on the distribution side of things. 

We are facing a public health challenge that we have never faced before in the modern world, and that is the problem of chalking out a distribution plan for vaccines that are as yet unlicensed, meaning that we don’t have a lot of the critical information required to devise an evidence-based vaccine distribution mechanism. We are not sure about the potency of the vaccines; all we have are initial reports. We also don’t know if these vaccines work better or worse for a particular group of people over others. 

For instance, the flu vaccine doesn’t work as well for older people as their older immune systems don’t respond well to it. And there is a possibility that the same would be the case with the Covid-19 vaccine. But at the same time, they are also at the highest risk from the virus. So would it make sense for an organization to give its elderly employees health the first doses of the vaccine or not? If you only had 1000 doses and 2000 employees, who would you give it to? 

Also, the vaccine distribution is going to be extremely resource-intensive. This program is likely to last for over a year, which makes the resources even more crucial. We need to prioritize the right group of people. Still, we also need to ensure that the vaccine reaches them and can schedule follow-up visits and second vaccine dose administrations to maximize the vaccine’s effectiveness. We simply can’t go wrong with getting the vaccine to the people who need it.

Another factor that necessitates a cutting-edge vaccine platform is the reporting and measuring of the vaccine distribution program. Employers, the state, and even the federal government all need to know who has been administered the vaccine, when it was administered, how are people responding to the vaccine, etc. The technological requirements for satisfying these demands are enormous, and there’s no way it could be fulfilled without a robust,  


Stand out benefits of ixlayer Covid-19 vaccine platform.

The ixlayer Covid-19 vaccine platform offers a suite of applications and benefits to all stakeholders such as the government, employers, patients, and healthcare workers. Here’s a brief overview of that.

How the ixlayer Covid-19 vaccine platform helps employers, schools, and government organizations:

  • These stakeholders can directly place orders to CDC authorized vaccine distributors.
  • Employers can rollout the vaccination program within 48 hours of acquiring the doses.
  • Get an instantly accessible and accurate overview and tracking of the employees and students.
  • Accurate and real-time record-keeping of who is to be vaccinated, when they are to be vaccinated, who gets vaccinated first, etc.
  • Regional and state-level reporting through the Vaccine Tracking System


How the ixlayer platform helps employees, students, patients:

  • Use the patient portal to schedule and coordinate the vaccination.
  • Book pre and post-vaccination counseling sessions with a physician
  • Get follow-ups and set reminders for the second round of vaccination.
  • Use the daily symptom checker to assess the impact of the vaccine on your body.
  • Have proof of record for the completed vaccination program
  • Book and take a post-vaccination Covid-19 antibody test.
  • Obtain insurance information


How the ixlayer vaccine distribution platform helps healthcare professionals administering the vaccine:

  • Get an instant overview of the patient through the clinician portal.
  • Simplify health history collection and obtain electronic consent from the patient for administering the vaccine
  • Keep and maintain a record of every dose administered.
  • Monitor the patients post-vaccination
  • Track the vaccination history of every patient for both doses


At ixlayer, we created this vaccine platform to ensure that Covid-19 vaccines can be distributed as soon as they are approved and available to public and private organizations. As our country fights against the virus to minimize fatalities and avoid another lockdown, providing instant access to the vaccine becomes all the more important to ensure that we emerge victorious in this battle. Our platform is scalable to handle the massive scale of the impending vaccine distribution challenge. It can identify and breach barriers and bind patients, organizations, and healthcare personnel with an actionable testing and vaccine plan.


COVID-19 vaccines are almost ready, but are distribution sites?


Our CEO Pouria Sanae says, “No one could have anticipated the need for infrastructure to support wide-scale COVID-19 testing, yet the ixlayer platform now serves half a million patients across all 50 states. The logical next step for us was to help patients and organizations manage the vaccine distribution challenge. Building upon the foundation of our technology, ixlayer is transforming into a fully integrated testing and vaccine distribution system for organizations to manage and scale COVID-19 responses from one central platform seamlessly and efficiently.”