Retail Pharmacies

Unlock the power of testing to improve health outcomes and economics

Our technology and ecosystem for diagnostic health testing enable retail pharmacies improve economics and offer an increased range of healthcare services to their customers.

The ixlayer difference

At ixlayer, our mission is simple yet powerful: to make at-home diagnostic testing accessible to all. We enable retail pharmacies with a seamless and convenient pathway to improve health outcomes while driving customer satisfaction and improved economics.

Improve Brand Loyalty

Build customer loyalty and trust with a comprehensive range of white-labeled diagnostic tests and a technology platform to deliver scalable and high-quality programs.


Partner with ixlayer to offer the convenience of diagnostic testing at local pharmacies, other retail locations or at the patient’s home.

Competitive Advantage

We provide retailers with an immediate competitive advantage in the healthcare marketplace with our API integrations, pharmacy software partnerships and multichannel patient engagement platform. In an environment where digital solutions and customer convenience have become imperative, ixlayer has the solution.

Improved Economics

In partnership with health plans and manufacturers to close gaps in care, improve patient outcomes and economics for retail pharmacies.

Pharmacies are uniquely positioned to capitalize on the growing at-home diagnostics category. Research suggests that retail and online pharmacies will collectively capture nearly 60% revenue share of the at-home diagnostics market.

Source: Pharmacy Times

Streamline diagnostics testing, reporting and follow-up

We make expansion into health diagnostics and related services efficient for retail pharmacies and convenient for customers. From test ordering and administration through laboratory services and reporting of results, we’ve perfected the journey on both sides of the retail equation.

In addition, we ensure regulatory compliance and quality assurance every step of the way. Rely upon our experience to start faster and go further for your customers.

Better Care

Data integration that lets you better service your customers

Our technology integrates test results and health data with Electronic Health Records and other information systems.

This enhances patient care and improves coordination between retail pharmacies, insurance companies, and healthcare providers.

We’ll help you make informed decisions about expanding healthcare products and services, so you can deliver upon the promise of your brand.

What's Available

Choose from thousands of testing categories

Whatever diagnostic testing you want to provide to your customers, we have it covered. From branded diagnostic kits through laboratory services and custom reporting of results — your offering will benefit from our technology and ecosystem. Your customers will benefit from a seamless, hassle-free experience.

Rapid, convenient, easy-to-use diagnostic testing at home or wherever you or your patients need it

Network of CAP Accredited and CLIA Certified labs

Custom communication with campaign-specific branding

Robust reporting and actionable data analytics

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