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We’re an enthusiastic team of technical experts, creative problem solvers, and ambitious leaders working together to build impactful health products. We connect key industry players to deliver accessible, affordable and trusted health testing to people everywhere.

He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.

Pouria Sanae | CEO, Ixlayer

The future of healthcare is meeting your patients where they are.

Pouria Sanae CEO, Ixlayer

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It’s not our first rodeo. Come along for the ride.

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The "ix" in ixlayer not only stands for what our product delivers, but also who we are.

ixlayer offers thousands of white-labeled health tests. So when patients, customers, employees, or neighbors need a test, they can count on you, from diagnostics to health maintenance.

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Our mission began in 2017 to enable remote lab testing.

Today we deliver the critical building blocks for comprehensive precision
health programs, proudly backed by leading investors in health innovation:

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