Who We Are

We are an ambitious and enthusiastic team, focused on speeding up the average person’s access to the latest and greatest advances in modern medicine. We accomplish this through a first of its kind platform that brings together key stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

Impactful health products

The cost of sequencing an individual’s DNA is falling faster than Moore’s law which has accelerated the precision health innovations exponentially

ixlayer’s mission is to make it easier for companies to launch innovative and impactful health products. We want to connect the dots, remove the barriers, and give our partners the tools they need to fuel the future of precision medicine.

Our goal in this genomic ecosystem is to provide the needed technology, delivered with a personalized user friendly experience which we call a precision health product.

Pouria Sanae | CEO of ixlayer

Why ixLayer?

The “ix” in our name comes from the infrastructure and experience of precision health testing. Our team has years of experience in large scale platforms, cloud architecture, UI/UX design, regulatory compliance, and content development in the diagnostic space. We have built an incredible platform that allows our partners to get up and running quickly.


Imagine a model of healthcare that’s always available and driven by real-time data so you’re continuously collecting data o your patients’ genetics, body, environment, nutrition, and activities. Using this data allows you to deliver back a personalized health care experience that a patient can use throughout their life that is more eective and simple.

Patients don’t have to be on location to get it, and they have access to the world’s best experts digitally from the comfort of their home.

Leslie Saxon | MD

Mission & Values

Our principles and values are at the core of who we are as individuals and collectively as a company. These are the building blocks of our DNA:

Product at ixLayer

We believe that building a precision health testing product is a problem rooted in technology and Regulatory obstacles, not science. Our regulated infrastructure enables companies to leverage their internal scientific and clinical knowledge to bring new oerings to market in days, not months. Best of all, our team of industry experts work side by side with you to accelerate innovation beyond anything you thought was possible.

Culture at ixLayer

While technology is a crucial pillar, we care deeply about the end user and patient experience. It’s not enough to sell a product or service, but to create value for the patient. Our customer creates world class clinically graded health tests. Our job is to deliver them in an educational, simple and stress free way.

Meet our partners

ixlayer works closely with many different partners in the health ecosystem, each playing a role and together we deliver a personalized health experience for the end patients.

Join the team

At ixlayer, we push the boundaries of what’s possible. Help us build the first one-of-its-kind Precision Health Testing platform.

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