patient-centric solution

Health testing within reach

Healthcare innovation has radically improved our health and our lives. Now,  ixlayer’s fully integrated and custom solution enables your brand to offer a personalized healthcare experience with remote diagnostic lab testing – fast, accessible, and trusted by over 4 million people.

ixlayer powers accessible and affordable health testing programs for healthcare leaders,

trusted brands, and essential service organizations across industries:




Power your brand to engage customers

Retail-ready, white-labeled test kits and portals to quickly expand customer-centric products and experiences


Deliver scalable testing for immediate impact

Support all types of health categories in precision health programs with thousands of testing options


Accelerate clinical trials with accessible, virtual testing data

Flexible lab testing and integrated results drive more patient-centric trials and rapid discovery


Free your organization from complexity

Full-service fulfillment of tests and results are handled with infrastructure and logistics in place through ixlayer’s integrated ecosystem of labs, providers, and payors

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Drive superior patient experiences and
health outcomes

Drive superior patient experiences and health outcomes

ixlayer powers every step of remote health testing with a patient-centric solution that provides:

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  • A diverse network of CLIA certified labs for thousands of test options
  • Intuitive portals and personalized processes for patients and practitioners to access tests and results when and how they want
  • Flexible, customizable solutions to fit your program needs, with an engaging and comfortable patient experience
  • Seamless and secure flow of information throughout the testing process

patient-centric solution

Be the health ally they turn to – always

ixlayer offers thousands of white-labeled health tests. So when patients, customers, employees, or neighbors need a test, they can count on you, from diagnostics to health maintenance.

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ixlayer Partners with Patient Education Tool, Enabling a Successful DNA Portal

Working with ixlayer team and partnering with them on our new business and DNA portal made it easy to complete a tremendous job. They are well versed in this business, understanding the client, but most importantly, taking care of every detail needed for a project to be successful.

John M. McGuire | Cofounder

invenio genetics

ixlayer Works with Clients to Tailor Care to a Patient’s Unique Needs

ixlayer works with Invenio Genetics to help healthcare professionals tailor care to the unique needs of every person. Developed by one of the nation's leading health systems, Invenio’s genetic and genomic testing platform enables culturally competent care by personalizing treatment.

David Hanna | Director of Sales And Business Development

Life Epigenetics

Customers Use ixlayer to Easily Navigate Complex Regulatory Environments.

Thanks to ixlayer’s wealth of knowledge, deep industry experience and innovative technology, we’ve been able to successfully navigate the complex regulatory environment in our space while easily integrating a fully operational and scalable platform. They’ve been an invaluable partner.

Taylor Fay | Senior Product Manager


Without ixlayer, we would not have been able to launch our Alzheimer’s APOE Risk Test.

The team at ixlayer walked us through every requirement and then skillfully and quickly built out our entire interface. We can’t wait to finish the other projects we have in the pipeline with them!”

Taylor Fay | Senior Product Manager


ixlayer Powers One-Stop Solutions, Eliminating Need for Multiple Partners

ixlayer provided a unique and customized solution for our new product launch. We had a challenging project scope that we thought was going to require multiple partners to achieve. We then were introduced to ixLayer, a one-stop shop for our needs!

Jessica Kettler | Director of Marketing and Communications

adx healthcare

ixlayer Skillfully Masters Complicated Interface, Leading to Additional Pipeline Projects

Without ixlayer, we would not have been able to launch our Alzheimer’s APOE Risk Test. The team at ixlayer walked us through every requirement and then skillfully and quickly built out our entire interface. We can’t wait to finish the other projects we have in the pipeline with them!

Steve Booth | Chief Executive Officer

Thermofisher Scientific

ixlayer Understands the Most Complex Solutions, Bringing Ease of Use to Customers

ixlayer had a clear understanding of what the customer was trying to accomplish, and presented their solutions simply but thoroughly. They were highly attentive to what was required by the customer and tuning their solution to that need.

David Hanna | Director of Sales And Business Development


ixlayer helps private sector enterprises significantly improve their ability to coordinate diagnostic testing

With ixlayer's robust COVID-19 testing platform, clinical staff can monitor the health of thousands of US Coast service members. We look forward to working with ixlayer to enable more agencies within the Public Sector to reap the benefits of health IT.

Tim Boltz | Sales Director for Healthcare


ixlayer's Advanced Solution Combines Operational Flexibility, a Patient-centric Approach And Unparalleled Data Integrity

ixlayer's revolutionary platform ensures our clients have up-to-date demographic, insurance, and financial information for their patients. ixlayer's platform is a critical component in moving forward in the 21st century to support patients' growing call for quality virtual care.

JD Donnelly | President and CEO


ixlayer Ensures COVID-19 Testing Meets all Regulatory Standards, Quickly And Efficiently

ixlayer's strong solution makes them an obvious provider to supplement our end-to-end platform used by thousands of people each day in search of quick, convenient, and accurate test results.

Deena Klein | Director of Operations