A complete solution to launch your genetic product

ixLayer is a technology infrastructure and an end-to-end solution for healthcare, wellness, nutrition and lifestyle companies to offer a range of customized direct to consumer health products and at home tests.

Launch your genetic product today

One platform, many values

ixLayer integrates all needed services for offering at home DNA tests and health monitoring. This enables you to launch a direct to consumer health product including custom storefront marketplace, patient portal, EHR data access, payment handling and more.

DTC Products

Launch Direct To Consumer (DTC) health and wellness products

At Home Tests

Add at home testing to your healthcare, wellness, or nutrition product


Offer personalized experiences based on your users' DNA

Data Collection

Collect real time user health data from EHR/EMR and Wearables

A platform for genetic products

Launching a genetic product is technically complex, time consuming, resource heavy, regulatory challenging and costly

ixLayer provides the most powerful and flexible tools for genetic companies to solve all of that. Whether you’re launching a genetic nutrition app, wellness product, or an Alzheimer's healthcare test, ixLayer’s end-to-end mobile and web solution or ixLayer’s infrastructure solution will help you create the best possible product for your users


Fully integrated with the ecosystem, ixLayer provides a complete set of building blocks to support virtually any application.

These include Genetic Labs, Physician Networks, on-demand Genetic counsellors, Apple Health & Research Kit, EHR integration, CLIA Certification for your products, and more...


Either choose the ixAnyPoint infrastructure solution and easily integrate with your existing platform, or choose the ix360 end-to-end solution and have our product team work with you to create the best design and user experience for your genetic product, across web and IOS.

Hands-off Operations

There is no longer a need for you to worry about maintenance or operation resources. ixLayer solutions include platform updates, integration and certificate management, source code updates, monitoring & logs, security, post launch change, CLIA audits, and more...

Focus on the science and your users, not on infrastructure

Without connect
Without ixLayer, developing a genetic product includes integration with genetic labs and a physician network, backend, frontend and mobile development, security and encryption, cloud architecture, CLIA compliance, and Operations.
  • Product Concept
  • Web & Mobile Development
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Scientific Evaluation
  • Testing
  • Live
With ixLayer
With ixLayer, all that is needed is your scientific and clinical knowledge. Focus on your business strategy, go to market strategy, and launching revenue-generating products within fraction of the cost and time.
  • Science
  • Live

ix360 end-to-end solution is everything you need to launch a genetic product. All that you need is the scientific claim and ixLayer will provide you best in class, web and mobile, user friendly genetic products.

This includes:

  • Custom product design

  • Custom Web and Mobile Application

  • Fully integrated with all genomic services

  • Hands-off operation, monitoring, and security

  • HIPAA and Regulatory compliance

Reduce your development cost by 80%. Eliminate the need for domain-expert personnel, develop and operate cloud infrastructure by utilizing production-ready services.

Reduce time to market by 4-5 months. Spend your time on marketing strategies vs. months of engineering to reinvent the wheel.


ixAnyPoint is an infrastructure solution that provides all needed technology building blocks for launching genetic products, deployed and ready to run on a secure HIPAA architecture, with a regulatory layer for CLIA compliance.

This includes:

  • Frontend APIs for your exciting stack

  • IOS Libraries to add genetic component to your App

  • Fully integrated with all genomic services

  • Hands-off operation, monitoring, and security

  • HIPAA and Regulatory compliance

ixlayer is configurable to be integrated with your existing technology stack or as a standalone end-to-end backend solution for your web and mobile application.

Stand alone

In parallel with your backend

ixLayer allows you to spend your development time on your core features and product improvements to ship them faster. An infrastructure that can be used as a stand-alone or complementary to your own backend solution.