Enable faster, better healthcare. Support patients where they are.

Broadening access to diagnostic testing means identifying more patients for treatment, faster. Help patients get the therapy and care they need.

The ixlayer difference

With thousands of testing options and a vast network of diagnostic lab testing services, ixlayer is the only business-to-business platform that delivers a seamless patient experience while solving for complexity. We help biopharma companies launch testing programs with speed, transparency, control and impact.


Spend less time, effort and money on multiple solutions and vendors by using one diagnostic testing platform that can manage the complete end-to-end process.

Better Patient Experience

Patients benefit from multiple testing modalities, so they can get tested, diagnosed, and treated faster. Our flexible and configurable platform creates a seamless journey for optimal health outcomes and higher operational performance.

Better Patient Outcomes

Harness our expertise, innovative testing services and tailored engagement methods to align patients with the appropriate treatment options.


Accelerate patient testing and treatment outcomes

Seamless integration with patient services provides patients with the tools they need to assess their health and access their health and the most appropriate treatment protocols.

Actionable Insight

Data and analytics provide insight into your programs

  • Simple tracking and logistics management
  • Real-time reporting for easy visibility
  • Role-based access control
  • Advanced data visualization and analytics
  • Robust data management
  • Proven confidentiality and data security
  • Including treating HCP data
What's Available

Choose from thousands of testing categories

Whatever you’re testing for, we have it covered, from custom diagnostic kits through laboratory services and reporting of results — your patient engagement offerings will benefit from our technology and ecosystem. Your patients will benefit from a seamless, consumer-grade experience.

Rapid, convenient, easy-to-use diagnostic testing at home or wherever you or your patients need it

Network of CAP Accredited and CLIA Certified labs

Custom communication with campaign-specific branding

Robust reporting and actionable data analytics

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