Platform to power
COVID-19 Vaccine efforts

The ixlayer platform supports vaccination efforts through a suite of solutions to power at-scale programs for the public and private sectors. The platform enables governments and healthcare organizations to manage vaccine distribution operations. The ixlayer platform handles everything from patient registration, scheduling, inventory management, and public health outreach.

The ixlayer platform enables

Organizations, schools, employers, health department to:

  • Placing vaccine orders to CDC distributors
  • Rollout vaccination programs within 48 hours
  • Overview and tracking of members (employees, students, services members)
  • Record-keeping, data on who is being vaccinated
  • Regional & state-level reporting through HHS’s Vaccine Tracking System (VTrckS)

Patients, service members, employees, students to:

  • Coordinate vaccination online through the patient portal
  • Physician counseling pre/post-vaccination
  • Follow-ups and reminders for the second vaccination
  • Daily symptom checker post-vaccination
  • Proof of record of the completed vaccination process
  • Collect insurance information
  • Covid-19 antibody test post-vaccination

Healthcare professionals licensed to administer vaccination:

  • Patient oversight through the clinical portal
  • Physician counseling pre/post-vaccination
  • Health history collection and electronic consent
  • Record every vaccine dose administered
  • Tracking and vaccination history (first & second dose) for each patient
  • Patient monitoring post-vaccination
About ixlayer

The diagnostic testing platform is currently powering 250 nationwide Covid-19 testing programs, supporting 320,000 patients, 30,000 test/day, across 50 states. Examples of Covid-19 program currently utilizing ixlayer:

United States Coast Guard and the State of Massachusetts

ixlayer platform powers the U.S. Coast Guard nationwide program for the Covid-19 testing program to test 85,000 service members.

Ginkgo Bioworks, Cambridge Innovation Center

ixlayer powers Ginkgo Bioworks and CIC’s Covid-19 testing programs for ongoing testing of more than 200 school districts and universities across the US.

Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, Stanford health, UCSF

ixlayer powers the large-scale $13.6 million research collaboration between Stanford University, the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub (CZ Biohub).

The last mile of Covid-19 vaccination

The ixlayer platform is intended to support vaccination efforts through a suite of solutions to power at-scale vaccination programs for public and private organizations such as:

  • Government organizations
  • Schools & Universities
  • Employers
  • Residential Facilities
  • Public Health
  • Home & ElderCare
Work flows

The ixlayer platform combines 5 building blocks to create an efficient flow

  • Vaccine Distributor

    • VTrcks & IIS integration
    • Triage priority distribution
    • Vaccine tracking
    • Vaccine ordering
  • Patient

    • Patient onboarding
    • Health data collection
    • Electronic consent
    • Educational content
    • Daily symptom tracker
    • Vaccination history
    • Proof of records for vaccination
  • Clinical Support

    • License verification
    • Vaccine ordering
    • Intake assessment
    • Vaccine approval
    • EHR integration
    • Telemedicine Patient counseling
    • Completed
    • 2-step vaccine protocol sign-off
  • Data & Reporting

    • Regional, state, and local vaccine reporting
    • Data anonymization
    • Health history analysis
    • Symptoms analysis
    • HIPPA Compliant
    • GPDR compliant
    • SOC2 certified
  • Post Vaccination

    • Patient monitoring
    • Self-service guided surveys
    • Telemedicine patient counseling
    • Severe symptom alters
    • Long-term safety of the vaccine
    • Pharmacovigilance surveillance
    • Antibody testing
Clinical Oversight

The ixlayer platform provides clinical oversight through patients’ primary care physicians and integrates with telemedicine physician networks, with doctors located in all 50 states.

The medical professionals will assist with eligibility, health history review, prioritization, and counseling.

  • Step 1

    Onboarding, Ordering & Tracking

      Step 1

    Onboarding, Ordering & Tracking

    The platform provides an organization dashboard for a holistic view of the program, including:

    1. New organization onboarding within 48h
    2. Vaccine ordering, tracking & inventory management
    3. Oversight of staff, subdivision, and groups with role-based access control
    4. Overview and tracking of the community (employees, students, services members) pre/post-vaccination
    5. Data record-keeping on who is being vaccinated
    6. Regional & state-level reporting through HHS’s Vaccine Tracking System (VTrckS)
    7. Detailed analytic dashboard to log and track administration of the vaccine and analyze community-wide vaccine results monitoring
  • Step 2

    Coordinating Vaccination

      Step 2

    Coordinating Vaccination

    The web & mobile based patient portal gives an educative and friendly experience for the individuals getting vaccinated, including:

    1. Knowledge base around the vaccine and vaccination
    2. Vaccination appointment scheduling
    3. Coordinate vaccination online through the patient portal
    4. Physician counseling pre/post-vaccination
    5. Health history collection and assessments
    6. Pre-screening electronic consent capture
    7. Eligibility and prioritization
    8. Follow-ups and reminders for the second vaccination
    9. Daily symptom checker post-vaccination
    10. Proof of record of the completed vaccination process
    11. Covid-19 antibody test post-vaccination
  • Step 3

    Clinical Vaccine Administration

      Step 3

    Clinical Vaccine Administration

    The clinical portal streamlines vaccination for administration sites, including:

    1. Pre-arrival screenings and approvals
    2. Patient oversight including health assessment
    3. Tracking and vaccination history (first & second dose)
    4. Barcode & QR readers for vaccine recording every vaccine dose administered.
    5. Patient monitoring post-vaccination
    6. Community-wide vaccine results monitoring
Data Security and Data Protection

ixlayer’s platform has been designed and developed with the highest security and encryption standards.
We take the protection of your data seriously, and we are taking several steps to ensure that it remains safe and secure.
Fully compliant with industry security guidelines. All data is encrypted at rest and transmitted.

  • HIPAA Compliance

    • Designated compliance officer
    • Training and education for all staff
    • Internal monitoring and auditing
    • Business associate agreement (BAA)
  • GDPR Compliance

    • User right to access and move data
    • User right to delete data at anytime
    • The explicit, accessible, intelligible use consent process
    • Breach notification within 72 hours
  • SOC2 Certification

    • Encryption in rest and transit
    • Two-factor authentication
    • Network/application firewalls
    • Intrusion detection and recovery
  • PHI Data Control

    • Admin portal with PHI control
    • Assign Clinical sta members with PHI access
    • Limited access rights to marketing/support staff
Data Anonymization & De-Identification

ixlayer’s platform utilizes AI and data analysis tools for extracting, analyzing, and visualizing data. This is ideal for community health studies across large and diverse groups. This data can be visualized in a dashboard or exported to Microsoft excel.

The integration with HHS’s Vaccine Tracking System (VTrckS) enables regional & state-level reporting for each dose administered within 24 hours of administration.