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COVID-19 & Antibody Testing

Support a healthy workplace for your employees. You can use the COVID-19 Clinical Test as a foundation for your commitment to providing a healthy workplace.

Employer Sponsored Clinical Testing

Protecting the health of your employees is more important than ever.

Employees can learn their current covid-19 status and create a care plan to keep their family co-workers and community safe while they recover at home.

Your company is as strong as the workforce that powers it.

Employees can also learn if they had COVID-19 in the past and possibly whether they’re immune. As we aim to return to normal routines, knowing who has COVID-19 antibodies can help discover who is no longer at risk for developing the disease.

A Valuable Benefit for the Health of Your Employees and Their Families

Test types

Ixlayer is an end-to-end solution that has everything you need to
launch a worksite testing program, including:

Employee Friendly Testing Solution

Smooth employee flow with clinical oversight.

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Identifying departments at risk

Would you like to know if cases are contained to just a specific area or group of people on your team?

FDA & CDC Authorized Clinical Testing
By CLIA-certified &/or CAP-accredited Labs


In healthcare, we shouldn’t sacrifice quality for speed and quantity. Hence, our rapid COVID-19 EUA validated tests analyzes by our partner clinical laboratories that all maintain the highest standards for clinical laboratories with a CLIA-certified &/or CAP-accredited status.

Laboratory results are securely delivered, in compliance with HIPAA rules. As soon as the lab finishes their analysis, negative test results are immediately available to the patient in the secure employee portal. Positive test results are delivered electronically to the physician for review, and the employee is guided to schedule a follow-up telemedicine appointment with the physician to review their results and establish a care plan.


Providing a COVID-19 FREE Workplace. How will
we know when we get there?

Community-Wide COVID-19 Safety Vision

Share with your employees your commitment to a safe and healthy workforce by offering employer sponsored COVID-19 Clinical Testing to identify active COVID-19 cases and/or antibody testing to clear employees for work.

Consistent COVID-19 Education

The guidelines and data for COVID-19 are rapidly changing as researchers learn more. Continually update your employees with the latest guidelines from the CDC and WHO for reducing risk of COVID-19 spread and managing their health if they become infected.

Support for Sick Employees to Stay Home

Remove the fear and speculation. Use a company branded COVID-19 Clinical Test platform with your customized message to reassure employees about how they access support and benefits if they test positive for COVID-19.

Ongoing Evaluation of Policies and Procedures

Deliver transparency by sharing with employees anonymized testing data you use to identify additional measures to employ in worksite areas to reduce risk of contact.

COVID-19 Clinical Test for the Workplace

COVID-19 Clinical Test for the Workplace

We are here to help you protect the health of your workforce!
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