TEsting platform

Technology Solutions for Scaling COVID-19 Testing

The ixlayer platform has been adapted to deliver and scale COVID-19 testing. ixlayer powers health systems and individual physicians with the tools they need to order testing on patients.


Clinical Labs

– LIMS integration

– Lab API integration

– Sample status info

– Realtime result delivery

– Integration to fulfillment centers

– Multiple lab support

– Data transfer

Patient Management

Symptom screening 

– Electronic consent

– Multilingual

– Coordinated sample collection

– At home sample collection

– Shipping & fulfillment

Physician & Clinical Staff

– Physician ordering

– Telemedicine physicians

– Intake assessment

– EHR integration

– Physician test approval

– Result sign off

– Patient triaging

Technology & Cloud

– HIPAA compliant

– GDPR compliant

– SOC2 compliant

– Data storage & hosting

– Scalable architecture

– 24/7 DevOps

– Disease mapping

The platform addresses technology infrastructure and security barriers for clinical laboratories. It can help reduce a burden on the healthcare system – by allowing labs to quickly launch and scale testing and providing healthcare providers the ability to connect patients with testing services via telemedicine – reducing exposure in clinics. 


Powering clinical Labs

ixlayer’s COVID-19 clinical testing platform offers a scalable solution to move
labs from assay validation to launch in record time.

If clinical laboratories have their assay validated, interfacing the ixlayer platform with their LIMS can likely be finalized within 48h. This rapid production is critical for meeting the ever-growing demand for COVID-19 testing and is delivered while also including best-in-class quality throughout the user experience, security, and scalability.

Ixlayer is a first-of-its-kind platform offering laboratory patient and physician facing solutions.The HIPAA-compliant Cloud platform integrates with the needed steps and services to launch tests professionally, effectively, and what is also important in today’s climate – Quickly & Efficiently.

Clinical labs can focus on scaling their testing and rapidly delivering results, and ixlayer will take care of patient pre-screening, physician orders, logistics, coordinated sample collections, at-home sample collections, real-time result delivery, and triaging patients to the right care.


Clinical Oversight

Patient education and onboarding

The COVID-19 clinical testing website, built on the ixlayer platform, provides patients with current guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization throughout the testing flow. The content, written and reviewed by physicians, and experts in health education, cytogenetics, and patient experience.

Primary care or Telemedicine physicians

The ixLayer platform provides COVID-19 ordering solutions for primary care physicians and it also integrates into Telemedicine physician networks, with doctors located in all 50 states.

Physician approval and sign off

Clinical results need physician approval and sign off in order to release the data to participants. Ixlayer integration with physician networks enables frictionless automated process to scale the study.

Triage back to care

Ixlayer enables physician led communication and follow up for positive/abnormal results. This enables patients to find local providers or specialist and coordinates smooth transition into local care.


Experience The COVID-19 Testing Platform

The ixlayer platform, already being used by several national labs and healthcare groups to offer genetic and precision health testing, now connects the pieces needed to scale COVID-19 testing, including connecting organizations and universities, healthcare systems and physicians, and clinical laboratories.

Physician ordering platform

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access the Physician ordering platform:


Patient Portal

Use the following log-in credential to access the
patient portal:



Safe Triage Of Patients

Quickly identify patients who need to stay home, track positive cases and the spread of viruses or infectious diseases. Help patients self quarantine by bringing care directly to their own home. Keep sick patients out of hospitals and urgent care centers, get results quickly.

How to Track Positive Cases and the Spread of Corona Viruses


How Can Your Group Benefit from
ixlayer COVID-19 Testing Platform?

For Organizations & Universities

Whether to screen your workforce or offer employee testing options in your community, bulk ordering of physician-authorized COVID-19 testing is possible with the ixlayer platform.

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For Healthcare Systems and Physicians

Whether an individual healthcare provider or a large healthcare system is looking for COVID-19 testing solutions, the ixlayer platform allows physicians to easily offer telehealth services to pre-screen their patients, order the test, and get result delivery.

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For at home testing

The ixLayer platform is integrated to all of the key services needed to successfully launch at home testing quickly. From kit logistics and shipping, to physician groups, to laboratories, ixLayer takes care of everything.

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Maximizing Care by Increasing Access

IxLayer Flow Diagram for Precision Health Testing Solutions
  1. Physician ordered or Patient requested
    A physician can utilize the ixlayer telemedicine platform to order a test for a patient. This process can also be initiated by the patient.
  2. Symptom checker and eligibility
    The patient is guided through an easy-to-understand symptom checker, which determines if the patient needs urgent care, should take the test based on symptoms, or is not eligible for the test.
  3. Sample collection process
    The platform will coordinate a sample collection process at a facility or ship overnight an at-home collections kit to the patient. In the case of the at-home sample collection, detailed easy-to-use instructions are provided for the patient online.
  4. Lab testing
    The ixlayer platform can triage testing to any clinical lab that has validated tests. One of the values of the platform is access to multiple lab support, which means patients get the results as quickly as possible.
  5. Monitoring patient while waiting for lab result
    The ixlayer platform will email and test the patient to see if their symptoms have changed in the past 24 hours. The feedback loop will provide recommended guidance to the patient based on their health condition.
  6. Result delivery
    The result is available in real-time through Lab API integrations and offers timely delivery to the physician and the patient.
  7. Back to care
    The ordering physician or a telemedicine physician will reach out to the patient with a positive test result, making sure the patient is guided into a care plan.
  8. Identifying risk zones
    The platform provides dashboards containing real-time demographic data and maps with geo locations of new outbreaks, to better understand the spread of COVID19.


Understanding & preventing the spread of COVID-19

A key component to understanding the spread of COVID-19 is the ability to test people and then track the test results in conjunction with patient symptoms.

The ixlayer platform powers metrics that can be broken into sub-categories that can report collectively or independently age and gender, pre-test symptoms, positive and negative results, and geographic location.

Through both charts and mapping, the ixlayer platform can create modeling tools needed by organizations like the CDC and research groups to track the spread of COVID-19 between communities and identify the most impacted demographic groups. The ixlayer platform is not limited to tracking testing companies independently, but rather can report on numerous test suppliers simultaneously, allowing a centralized data set and modeling structure.

ixlayer has partnered with all major clinical labs and has API integration in place, ready to power your COVID-19 testing.

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