How ixlayer comprehensive infrastructure solves the last mile of population health management in the Covid-19 era?


As we continue to fight against Covid-19 and prepare to combat its second wave, accessible and scalable testing is more important than ever before. In particular, it is crucial for our essential workers – people who are out there protecting us, providing us with essentials, and those who travel to work every day to provide for their family. Employers who are restarting their operations would also benefit from a secure and efficient employee covid testing Platform to ensure their members’ safety. They need a scalable digital workflow solution to implement and manage Covid-19 testing programs.

Healthcare management organizations need a digital Covid-19 Testing Platform to order tests online and get prompt delivery of results, both under healthcare experts’ supervision. However, this is easier said than done. The platform must have a set of functionalities to make it viable for organizations to deploy it. It must:

  • Allow clients to control the workflows. 

  • Enable organizational testing

  • Automate the delivery of both testing kits and test results

  • Deliver powerful analytics that allows institutions to learn from positive and negative testing outcomes. 

In addition to that, with a potent vaccine for Covid-19 just around the corner, Healthcare management organizations also need a Covid-19 Vaccination Platform that enables them to plan, launch, implement, track, and manage a comprehensive Covid-19 Vaccine distribution Program. But we’ll keep that for later. For now, let’s focus on the testing platform, a platform that we believe will help every Healthcare management organization roll out a Covid-19 Member Testing Program.


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The ixlayer Covid-19 clinical testing platform: A platform built on best-in-class technology to drive organizational Covid-19 testing and vaccination

Ixlayer has developed a Covid-19 clinical testing platform that allows organizations to connect with licensed and certified clinical testing facilities for PCR Covid-19 testing. 

At ixlayer, we had already developed and deployed a clinical testing system used by thousands of private employers and state and federal organizations for genetic and precision health testing. This system’s existence allowed us to quickly adapt every component of our existing platform to make it optimal for scalable Covid-19 testing. 

The ixlayer platform has all the functionalities we listed in the introduction. The platform is also capable of forging and maintaining a spectrum of intricate connections between processes such as:

  • A test order from a patient or a healthcare provider, 

  • Mailing a sample collection kit to the patient, 

  • Registering the kit with secure identification systems, 

  • Evaluating the test sample at an accredited laboratory, 

  • Rapid delivery of test results through an ultra-secure, HIPAA compliant cloud-based system


How does the ixlayer Covid-19 Testing Platform work?

The ixlayer, Workplace Covid Testing platform has a sturdy and fail-proof workflow that ensures mishap-free execution of the worksite testing program. Ixlayer’s infrastructure enables any organization to connect with clinical laboratories to deliver Covid-19 testing services to its personnel. 

Here’s a summary of what happens at every step:

Step 1: Both the physician and the patient can use the ixlayer platform to order a patient test. 

Step 2: An easy-to-understand symptom checker helps the patient and physician determine if the patient needs urgent care or if he/she is ineligible for the test, based on the symptoms detected.

Step 3: The platform will coordinate a sample collection process at a facility or ship an at-home collection kit to the patient overnight. The at-home collection kit comes with a set of precise, easy-to-understand instructions that help patients understand how to spit into the tube correctly to provide a saliva sample. 

This detailed set of instructions ensures that they can complete the procedure without any hassles or mishaps. At-home collection kits also come with a postage-paid return envelope, which would enable the patient to send in the sample to the lab very quickly.

Step 4: The platform can triage the testing to any lab that has validated the test. Patients have access to multiple labs, which means that they will get their test results in the fastest time possible.

Step 5: The results are delivered within 48 hours and are available in real-time on our HIPAA compliant patient, clinical, and organization portals to all concerned parties.

Step 6: If the patient tests positive, the ordering physician or another telemedicine physician will reach out to the patient and guide him to a care plan.


What makes ixlayer’s Covid-19 Member Testing Platform the best in the market?

ixLayer’s Covid-19 WorksiteTesting Program offers a robust, reliable, and ready-to-deploy testing platform for organizations at the local, state, and national levels. The platform is equipped with multi-lab triage technology, connects organizations with certified laboratories for mass-scale testing, and provides them with access to medical personnel to facilitate and supervise sample collection. 

Here are a few factors that make ixlayer’s Covid-19 testing platform a runaway winner.


Organizational Testing for large businesses and other organizations 

Arguably the most crucial feature of the ixlayer platform is that member groups and universities can request bulk testing through it. As soon as we receive a test request, orders are sent to a physician in the patient’s state for review and approval. 

The organization can also request to be provided with testing kits in advance via mail. The rest of the procedure is similar to the process described in the previous section. 

If the organization desires, it can also allow members to request a test through the ixlayer COVID-19 Member Testing Platform. The platform also gives individuals the option to notify their physicians of their symptoms. This innovation may prove crucial for the organization because when patients provide electronic notification of their symptoms or possible exposure without coming into the clinic, it reduces the risk of exposing other patients.


ixlayer’s CEO, Pouria Sanae in this interview explains the COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution challenges and how the ixlayer platform can help health organizations to manage and monitor the vaccine distribution process.

Expert, Clinical Supervision for proper Sample Collection

While at-home testing does offer convenience, it doesn’t assure a proper and systematic sample collection that clinical supervision brings. Ixlayer combats this issue by providing clinical staff services through a partner organization to monitor a patient’s self-collection and physically facilitate the process. The clinical staff may also assist in checking-in patients, preparing test kits, and labeling and packaging specimens to ship to the laboratory. 


Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for Administrative Oversight

The client’s management tool for the ixLayer COVID-19 platform is an Administrative Portal that provides multiple pathways for clinical oversight of COVID-19 testing. The Administrative Portal divides into a hierarchy that begins with a designated Super Administrator who retains decision-making control and cannot access specific information about each patient and the workflow they want for each designated area.  

Using ixLayer’s Administrative Portal, the organization leadership team will be able to self-identify which of their staff will be assigned specific roles and choose which level of Patient Health Information (PHI) they can access within those roles. Ixlayer will provide clear instructions and workflows to help the enterprise separate their network into cohorts (known as organizations) within their institution and complete the subsequent division of duties after that. For example, each organization’s leadership can designate staff for certain functions and control each staff’s level of access to PHI. 

Specifically, the enterprise self-selected Super Administrator(s) decide how the organizations are structured and delineated. The Super Administrator(s) can also use the Administrative Portal to access data analytics and flows collectively or separately for each of the different organizations they establish, such as the number of HealthQA’s awaiting approval, number of patients tested, and results. 

The enterprise Administrator(s) will be able to log-in to the Administrative Portal and track which sampling phase the patients are in for COVID-19 clinical testing. Still, not all clinical staff will access PHI when they are looking at cases. The enterprise Administrator(s) will also be able to: 

  •  Browse by Contractor’s identification,

  •  Produce a list with no test results (pending) by area/organization, bulk order, or singly,

  •  Create a list of tests with pending results by area/organization, bulk order, or singly,

  •  Change entry password,

  •  Initiate data analytics on tests and related data.


Powerful Clinical Analytics for accurate disease modeling and to track and manage the spread of the virus

Large scale testing and accurate tracking are the two most important factors to truly track and manage the pandemic’s outbreak at every geographical and demographic level. Ixlayer’s platform offers cutting edge analytics to create a nationwide disease modeling platform for healthcare providers. This can help stakeholders make informed policy and healthcare decisions and hopefully control the disease’s spread.

Simultaneously, the ixLayer platform can report results on individual test sites for organizations, enabling us to generate disease modeling reports on different groups of staff or work locations and compare groups within a particular site. Accurate disease modeling and intergroup comparison facilitate a better understanding of the outbreak and accentuate all efforts to control it.


Why choose the ixlayer Covid-19 testing platform?

Ixlayer’s Covid-19 testing platform offers many benefits to private organizations, medical care providers, and state and federal organizations. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Our platform simplifies the execution of every process involved in executing a large-scale worksite testing program. It does that while costing a fraction of the time and expenditure the process would incur without the platform.

  • Physicians can directly authorize tests for patients based on a personal review of their symptoms. Any physician within the concerned organization can order tests on behalf of members.

  • Physicians can track and monitor the patients remotely and in real-time.

  • The ixlayer platform has a HIPAA, secure patient portal. The patient, healthcare provider, and the employing organization can seamlessly engage with the testing and result delivery process. 

  • With the ixlayer testing platform, you get real-time access to the testing status and your staff’s test results. This allows organizations to make informed, real-time decisions driven by designated analytics for tasks such as establishing a timeline to determine if a staff member is ready to return to work/service from a quarantine imposed due to probable exposure. 

  • The ixlayer COVID-19 Clinical Test platform provides a scalable solution for immediate result delivery to both patients and the ordering provider simultaneously. By connecting to the ixlayer COVID-19 platform, organizations can focus on their core activities. In contrast, ixlayer takes care of patient pre-screening, physician orders, logistics, sample collections, sample collections, real-time result delivery, and triaging patients to the right care, all through a highly secure platform. 

  • The ixlayer platform uses an algorithm to identify and notify patients who need to stay home. It also tracks positive cases and the spread of the virus. 

  • The platform helps patients self-quarantine by delivering care directly to their doorstep. Patients are also provided with a follow-up telemedicine appointment with their physician to discuss the plan of action in the event of a positive test. 


How secure is the ixlayer platform?

The ixlayer platform is a HIPAA secure, SOC2 certified cloud-based tool integrated with clinical laboratories and local, state, and national health departments and other data reporting structures. The ixLayer platform has been upgraded to DOD (Department of Defense) DoD CC SRG IL5 GovCloud to ensure patient data security and integrity.


Military Level Utilization of ixlayer platform

Last month, the US Coast Guard selected ixlayer’s Covid-19 Testing Platform to provide COVID-19 testing to their service members to slow the virus’s transmission. 

Our platform helps the USCG ensure that cases are tracked and managed across 42,000 service members. We currently support more than 116 separate organizations within the USCG, ensuring that clinical staff within each organization can monitor the health of its service personnel independently of the broader program. 


Final thoughts

The ixlayer Covid-19 testing platform has all the capabilities and functionalities to manage and implement any Worksite Testing Program. Employers and organizations can vastly improve their personnel’s safety by leveraging this platform’s features and benefits. They can focus their attention on things that require it the most and leave the testing program planning and management to our Covid-19 testing platform.