An End-to-End Platform to Launch Precision Health Testing at Scale

ixlayer brings together all of the building blocks required for any large-scale precision health testing program — making the road to better health more accessible, affordable, and comfortable than ever before.

Testing spans all aspects of health:

  • Companion diagnostics test
  • Newborn screening
  • Pharmacogenomic
  • Preventive genetic testing
  • Prenatal diagnostic health solution & testing
  • Noninvasive oncology testing
  • Carrier screening
  • Other clinical tests (LDT)

Precision Health Testing Landscape

ixlayer supports all three segments of the the Precision Health testing landscape.

Ixlayer flow diagram for
Precision Health testing

IxLayer Flow Diagram for Precision Health Testing Solutions
  1. A health test is requested by a physician or a patient, along with family health history and electronic consent.
  2. The test requisition form is automatically populated for the patient and the billing option is selected.
  3. ixlayer sends the order to a fulfillment center.
    Fulfillment center sends out a sample collection kit to patient and informs the ixlayer with tracking info
  4. Patient receives the sample collection kit, registers the kit online, collects her sample, and sends the kit to lab.
    Collected patient information is stored on the HIPAA cloud and through encrypted API integration is sent to the lab
  5. Lab receives the sample and starts its genotyping/sequencing. This process can take up to 3-6 weeks.
    Ixlayer is notified by the lab through the API integration for each sample status change and can inform the patient directly in their patient portal about the status of their sample.
  6. Lab completes its process and sends the data securely through encrypted channel to ixlayer.
    Ixlayer supports all data types (whole genome, exome, targeted sequencing panel, and SNP microarray) and file formats (VCF, FastQ). Ixlayer can run customers interpretation algorithm to generate a report.
  7. Ixlayer shares the generated report with physician or physician network.
    Physician signs of on the result or request that the patient consults with a genetic counselor before releasing the result
  8. The patient can at this point get a patient friendly report and an action plan.
    Patient can also book a genetic counseling session at any point of time directly through the portal.

Everyone deserves superior health testing solutions.

Empowering people to live healthier lives requires digital solutions for healthcare that engage, educate, and connect patients to their care teams seamlessly, virtually, and on-demand.

The ixlayer infrastructure and experience
work to bring superior health outcomes to everyone.

Best Digital Healthcare Solutions, What Your Patient Deserves
Convenient Patient Experience of Precision Health Solutions

Convenient patient experience

Create a seamless patient experience by offering:
– Personalized journeys that engage patients via phone, email, and SMS.
– Pre and post health test education
– Easy to follow instructions
– Actionable Data and Insights
– Secure results delivery from any device
– Blog and community in place as a support system
All possible from the comfort of their home and at their own time.

Secure Electronic Informed Consent of Precision Health Solutions

Secure electronic informed consent

ixlayer electronic informed consent (eIC) process enables you to effectively communicate associated details, confirm patient understanding of the content, and obtain their e-signature including:

– Terms of service consent
– Product and program consent
– Privacy, HIPAA, and GDPR consent
– Data & research consent
– Other program-specific consents

Personalized Action Plans of Precision and Personalized Medicine

Personalized action plans

Ixlayer precision health solution platform enables you to create action plans based not just on the genetic data but also on patients lifestyle habits by utilizing the platform’s patient engagement modules and interactive phenotype collection surveys. Provide action plans that are:
– Precision and personalized medicine as per patient genetics and lifestyle
– Daily interaction with the patient
– Dynamically changing based on the patient’s progress
– Powered by Health-Data-Graph <Link to: Data page>

Easy to Understand the Patient Reports

Easy to understand patient reports

The ixlayer patient experience team will work together with you to reformat the lab report to promote understanding of test results and their significance to patient care, reducing patient anxiety and confusion. Provide reports with:

– Inclusion of an interpretive summary
– Rich design graphics with patient-friendly language
– A detailed patient-user guide
– One patient-friendly version of lab test results in UI and PDF format.
– Translation of the lab test results in multiple languages

Clinical Health Tests with Physician Oversight

ixlayer precision care software enables physician oversight, a crucial part of clinical precision health tests.

EHR integration

Ixlayer precision care software offers a seamless EMR/EHR integration supporting VPN or security agent software, embedded PDF, SFTP, HIPAA Compliant, FHIR/HL7 interface, CCD, CCR, uni-directional (results only) or bi-directional (orders and results).

Involving primary care physician

The patients can provide their primary care physician’s information. The platform is set up to notify the primary care physician through fax and email and share the patient’s lab results with them.

Oversight through physician networks

Physician oversight for precision health testing can also be provided by 3rd-party physician networks that consist of more than 200 credentialed, licensed, and board-certified physicians in all 50 U.S. states.

Physician verification through NPI registry

Ixlayer is integrated with the National Provider Identifier (NPI) directory and can in real-time verify all active precision health care providers’ unique 10- digit NPI number.

Genetic counseling services

Genetic counseling is an important part of the patient journey for a precision health test. ixlayer platform is integrated with 3rd-party Genetic counseling services in all 50 U.S states.

Physician & care team portal

Physician oversight can be provided by your medical care team through the ixlayer portal. Functionalities include:

– Patient onboarding and electronic consent
– Intake assessment and physician sign-off
– Clinical reports for patient and physicians

Integration with Clinical Lab of Digital Healthcare Solutions

ixlayer has partnered with all major clinical labs and has API integration in place, ready for your precision health solution & test.

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