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ixLayer launches first-of-its-kind precision health testing platform to improve delivery of diagnostic testing.



January 23, 2020

San Francisco, California, Jan. 23, 2020: ixLayer, a San Francisco based start-up is launching a first of its kind platform to simplify the complex relationship between precision health tests, physicians, and patients. The platform is the culmination of two years spent working closely with health systems, clinical laboratories, physicians, and patients. The venture-backed company is funded by Health-tech focused firms such as Pear VC, FundRx, Village Global, and Maky Zanganeh & Associates. 

“There has been a heavy focus on enabling direct to consumer genomics over the last couple of years, but we cannot forget that most of this testing is still being ordered in a clinic. We are now taking our expertise in creating patient-centric products within genomics and digitizing processes associated with ordering this complex testing in clinics. We want to make sure that both physicians and patients are at the center of everything we build.” says CEO of ixLayer Pouria Sanae. 

True to its name, the value of the precision care software is to be the “layer” of technology that brings together the key components needed to simplify the ordering and delivery of complex test results. These components include direct integrations into laboratories, on-demand genetic counseling services, integrations into electronic health records, patient engagement tools, and digital representation of patient health data. 

The goal of the diagnostic health solutions is to remove barriers to the adoption of precision medicine and speed up the launch and delivery of new diagnostic tools.

Current use cases of the platform include:

  1. Providing an easy way for community physicians to work in partnership with labs to enroll patients into research studies involving diagnostic testing. The precision care software removes the burden of enrollment, patient education, sample collection, etc. from the physicians’ plate and gives the laboratory a dashboard with insight into what is happening at each site. This flow can also be used for enrolling patients into clinical trials and maintaining patient engagement, all through their patient portal. 
  2. Enabling large scale population health projects to roll out quickly without putting the burden of building infrastructure on the institution. The platform can easily engage community members and accelerate research and disease prevention at scale. By integrating with the health system electronic health record, the platform enables results from tests ordered virtually to be available directly to physicians. 
  3. Simplifying the process by which patients with rare diseases are engaged and identified. Many therapies today are based on biomarker testing which is typically only available in a physician’s office. The ixLayer platform can be integrated into any patient website and walk a patient through the entire testing process. The platform is integrated with comprehensive physician and counseling services, who can then help triage that patient into local care for treatment.


ixLayer is partnering with the Innovation Institute and Invenio Genetics to streamline the delivery of genetic testing and results to its members. The first hospital to roll out testing on the ixLayer platform is Avera Health. Through ixLayer, Avera will offer genetic testing to over one million members.  

“The most exciting part of this program is that these tests can be ordered online by physicians and results returned through the electronic record. Results will be available to patients and physicians to guide clinical care” says Joe Randolph CEO of Innovation Institute. 

“We saw a lot of precision medicine programs being launched in the market and realized one that recognized the patient and physician relationship is the best way to ensure appropriate patient care.”

Looking forward, ixLayer is laser-focused on improving the delivery of diagnostic testing. Whether testing is being offered through population health management solution, the patient’s physician, a consumer test, or a research study, ixLayer strives to provide optimal user experiences and transparency, “We want the platform to be a catalyst for dramatic change in the industry, getting patients engaged, and improving outcomes,” Says Sanae. 

Potential partners who are interested in learning more about how ixLayer is digitizing the ordering and delivery of precision health testing can visit: platform-announcement


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Ixlayer powers the delivery of precision health testing for physicians, health systems, health-focused companies, and pharmaceutical partners. The end to end solution brings together all of the components needed to deliver complex testing and results to patients. We are committed to improving outcomes and removing barriers to access to precision and personalized medicine. For more information on Innovation Institute, please visit: 


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