Population Health Management Platform

With the experience of working with 35 organizations, including leading health systems, multinational clinics, and government organizations, ixlayer is the most comprehensive solution population health management to power at scale population health management initiatives

The building blocks for population health management platform include:

  • Patient journey
  • Engaging reports
  • Data handling
  • Clinical oversight
  • Lab Support
  • Scalability & Security
IxLayer Population Health Management Platform
Value of Population health test

Improves survival
rates and reduce cost

Implementing population health screening identifies individuals who are at risk for many common, late-onset diseases and predicts future health needs.

Furthermore, genetic diagnostics will enable more efficient targeting of drugs, maximizing efficiency, optimizing dose and minimizing side effects.

ixlayer Population Health Platform


Roll out your population genomics projects 7-12 months faster compared to developing the cloud and CRM tools on your own.


Model each user, the cohort they belong to and deliver personalized results based on different attributes or health data.


Interact with users with Ancestry and interesting DNA reports to keep them engaged with your studies.

Scalability & Security

Roll out population health engagement projects to millions of users with the data securely hosted on HIPPA, GDPR, and SOC2 compliant environments.


Integration with electronic health record (EHR) allows physicians to access data with specific action tailored for health providers.

Clinical Utility

Engage each individual with their own physicians to have access to genomic data and interpretations. Let individuals consult with remote genetic counselors on the data.

Patient journey

The patient journey is key to the success of a population health management solutions.
It is crucial to provide a simple and thoughtful experience to attract, engage and maintain a long term relationship with your participants. ixlayer – platform for population health management software solution enables engaging with your target population with a customizable flow to elevate patient care standards, manage costs, and accelerate scientific discoveries.

Population Health Management Platform Patient Journey

Simple user experience

We have done extensive UX research to improve the overall experience of the users when they interact with the application in order to provide the maximum satisfaction.

This ongoing research includes user studies, information architecture, interaction design, visual design, usability evaluation, interface prototyping, and more.

Customize to your population

Our product and UX/UX design teams work with you to customize the experience that is unique to your target population.

Real-time progress tracking

Patient portal dashboards let users track their samples and how their data is different from the rest of the population. Admin portal enables program leaders to review program effectiveness and calculate ROI.

Population Health Platform Engaging Reports For Participants
Engaging Reports for Participants

Adding engaging genomic reports to your population health study will increase participation, engagement, and retention.

These personalized reports help you elevate the awareness of your participants about their wellness and significantly increases the quality of the data being generated as part of the study.

  • Engaging Reports

    Providing a variety of wellness traits that may impact participants’ daily life such as caffeine metabolism in addition to clinical reports such as cardiovascular risk would engage the community with the project and ultimately accelerate your research goals.

    Engaging Reports with Population Health Management Solutions
  • Ancestry Report

    Genealogy has demonstrated to be the highest converting genetic application with over 30 million sold products. Through the ixlayer and Insitome Institute partnership, you can now offer Ancestry and Metabolism report directly within your user portal, branded with your own organization.

    Regional Ancestry Report
  • Partner with our customers
    and their products

    Choose from any products of our existing customers (such as wellness, newborn screening, or pharmacogenomics) and partner with them to enhance your offering to your population health platform.

    Partner With Our Customer And Their Products
  • Enable any type of data

    Utilize ixlayer’s genetic cloud to host and run bioinformatic interpretation for multiple types of genomic data including microarray or next-gen whole-genome sequencing. This would enable your organization to strategically and cost-effectiveness segment the participants and roll out comprehensive genomics projects.

    Regional Ancestry Report
Clinical Oversight
Clinical Oversight of Population Health Platform

Genetic Counseling or Pharmacy Support

As part of the population health initiative, it is important to have clinical care experts such as genetic counselors or pharmacy experts who have an understanding of the population health solution program and could communicate effectively with participants.

Physician approval + Sign Off

Clinical results need physician approval and signoff in order to release the data to participants. Ixlayer integration with physician networks enables frictionless automated processes to scale the study.

EHR Integration

In order to integrate population health study into clinical workflows, it is necessary to link the genomics data to electronic health records (EHR). ixlayer can use either FHIR or HL7 protocols to communicate health data.

Back to care

ixlayer enables physician-led communication and follow up for positive/abnormal results. This enables patients to find local providers or specialists and coordinates smooth transition into local care.

Data & Research

Implementation of population health projects at scale can be challenging due to the sheer volume of the data.

In order to make the data generated useful and secure both for administrator and participant, it is important that data is structured and de-identified for the researcher and has all the security measures to give peace of mind to participants.

Data Structuring

Genomics data is static and only tells a part of the story. Precision Health needs dynamic health data such as lifestyle, daily behavioral choices, medication to complete the value for the population. Ixlayer – the population health software company structures both types of data generated using the tagging system.


Empower research on your population

Researchers and clinicians are one of the beneficiaries of population health initiatives. In order to make the data generated useful for them and protect the privacy of participants, it is critical to de-identify data for them and provides it in user-friendly interactive dashboards that include machine learning Insights.


Guarantee peace of mind for participants

Population health initiatives need to comply with international and national norms governing protected health information. Ixlayer is the only population health management solution that is SOC2 certified as well as HIPPA, GDPR compliant.


Lab Integration Options

Ixlayer precision health testing platform can integrate into any clinical lab.

Population Health Lab Integration Options

You own lab

Ixlayer precision & population health solution platform can integrate directly into your lab information management system (LIMS). Furthermore, we remove the IT and cloud challenges to recruit participants, communicate with end-users, and deliver personalized results.

Partner with a clinical lab

Just as cloud and software companies use Amazon Web Services rather than purchasing their own servers, 3rd party clinical labs enable population health management systems to launch and scale efficiently. Ixlayer has partnered with all major clinical labs and has API integration in place.

Scale using the multi-lab solution

Whether you plan to do the whole human genome, microbiome, or other biomarker research
on your population, the lab workflow may be very different and challenging at scale. The ixlayer enterprise platform enables you to manage the project at scale dealing with multiple labs.