Ixlayer wins big at TiEcon! Named TiE50 Award Winner


ixlayer, a pioneering organization in innovating and implementing technology-driven diagnostic testing solutions, won the 2021 TiE50 award in the prestigious TiE50 Awards Program. ixlayer was recognized for its state-of-the-art lab testing platform that is driving pan-sector transformation in the health industry. In particular, ixlayer’s COVID-19 Testing Platform and scalable Vaccine Distribution capabilities are considered cornerstone technological solutions in the COVID-19 era.

TiEcon is the world’s largest conference for entrepreneurs in the tech space, inviting participation from small tech startups to top technology companies and leading venture capital firms. TiEcon, which celebrated its 10th edition this year, has been ranked as one of the world’s top 10 entrepreneurial conferences alongside the World Economic Forum, TED, and DEMO. 

The TiE Silicon Valley annual awards program is contested by thousands of tech companies representing a wide range of verticals. Each application is rigorously reviewed by a highly qualified panel that includes venture capitalists, angels, established entrepreneurs, and C-level executives. The following two stats highlight the impact of this conference on winning firms and suggest how good the winning organizations are to achieve these astronomical figures: 84% of all TiE50 winners and top startups have attracted funding to the tune of $1 billion+. Additionally, 29 of them had an exit at over $100 million! In addition to the award and recognition that TiE50 brings, winners are also expected to receive a desirable list of perks and benefits, including an opportunity to pitch their innovations on a ground-breaking reality show, Meet the Draper’s.

Success stories of past winners and a plethora of opportunities to showcase their innovations suggest a bright future for ixlayer. But ixlayer CEO Pouria Sanae balances the excitement of earning this honor with the company’s vision and mission of resolving pain points in the health sector, helping healthcare providers give care in a more efficient, streamlined form benefits the care receivers as well. She said, “We’re excited to be honored by TiE50 alongside other innovative companies that are disrupting their industries. The healthcare industry is undergoing a tremendous transformation when it comes to telehealth and diagnostic testing, and ixlayer is poised to help providers, payors, and the enterprise innovate and meet those challenges”. 

About ixlayer

ixlayer is a path-breaking health-tech company specializing in building and implementing cutting-edge solutions that enable health systems, payors, biopharma, and health-focused companies to offer convenient and scalable health testing in a virtual environment. The ixlayer platform simplifies complex components of health testing, pertaining to technical, security, regulatory, and UX aspects, through end-to-end solutions. ixlayer is pioneering the health industry’s move to remote and virtual care options. Founded in 2018, ixlayer currently supports millions of patients and has launched hundreds of testing programs used by large organizations, health systems, and government levels.

To learn more about ixlayer’s vision and work, please visit www.ixlayer.com or get in touch with us via email. For more information on TiEcon, visit: TiEcon.org