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At Home Health Testing Powered by ixlayer Hit Store Shelves and Available Online


Health Testing Kits Now Available Online and at Retail Stores Nationwide

ixlayer, a digital health company on a mission to make health testing more accessible by pairing at home self collection testing with digital experiences, announced it is now the platform for at home sample collection kits for a major retailer. Easily accessible to consumers, the easy-to-use kits provide convenient, affordable and quality testing for Vitamin D, Lyme disease, sexually-transmitted infections, and thyroid function – and offer next best care communications, which includes education and information about what test results mean.

“With nearly 70% of medical decisions dependent on lab testing, regular diagnostic testing is a cornerstone of improving health and wellness,” said Pouria Sanae, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of ixlayer. “At home testing enables people to proactively take control of their health, on their own schedule, in the privacy of their own home and on a regular basis. Our mission of creating a healthier world through more accessible, affordable, and easy health testing requires systemic changes and buy-in from key stakeholders and partners.”

Under the shared goal of breaking down barriers of access to care, the two companies are making more frequent lab testing possible – both financially and logistically – so that more people can be actively informed and engaged in their healthcare. As a comprehensive turnkey solution for health testing, ixlayer is the platform that connects its partners to the services necessary to provide high-quality lab testing. Tests are processed in independent CLIA certified and CAP accredited laboratories integrated with the ixlayer network. As an off-the-shelf solution, consumers are privacy-protected.

After an online or in-store purchase, consumers activate their kit and independent clinicians provide clinical oversight of testing, including ordering tests if appropriate.  Consumers follow easy-to-use instructions to collect their samples.  Kits are then sent back in a prepaid mailer. Enabled by ixlayer’s infrastructure, test results are returned via a user-friendly online portal. Consumers can choose to share their test results with their health care provider.

At home sample collection kits are available for purchase online and in stores of a major retailer across the US.

About ixlayer

ixlayer is redefining next generation patient experiences for lab testing and better health outcomes. We make it easy for people to test outside of clinical settings and take proactive steps towards better health. We partner with payors, retail pharmacies, direct-to-consumer brands, biopharma, health systems, and telehealth providers to create configurable solutions for their patients, all under their own brand. ixlayer’s platform enables patient-friendly digital experiences, 1000s of testing options and seamless integration with our customers and lab partners. ixlayer is the infrastructure for millions of diagnostic tests for partners including the United States Coast Guard, Stanford Health, Salesforce, and multiple national health plans. Learn more at