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ixlayer Announces Addition to C-Suite


ixlayer promotes industry veteran Alecia Pritchett to Chief Growth Officer

ixlayer is pleased to announce that Alecia Pritchett has been promoted to Chief Growth Officer (CGO). In her new role, Pritchett looks to fix the current barriers in how consumers access health tests by making regular testing key to a healthy lifestyle. Alecia believes that we can shift the entire healthcare paradigm from reactive to proactive care – starting with the consumer – by utilizing health testing.

Pritchett’s commitment to making health testing more accessible and available to patients everywhere through digital health methods took shape early in her career. It was then that she saw first-hand the impact that cutting-edge diagnostic testing can have on a patient, and she knew there was a better way for consumers to experience health care – starting with health tests. To catalyze the change she wanted to see, Pritchett focused on building strategic partnerships, scaling teams, and implementing commercialization strategies for emerging healthcare technology within a large clinical organization. Seeing the impact this technology was having at one company, Pritchett looked to scale this solution beyond health systems and expand into other industries such as retail and health plans. At ixlayer, Pritchett is focused on removing the current barriers to health testing, using technology that is built entirely with the patient experience in mind.

Alecia’s expertise includes corporate strategy, business development, and sales management with a focus on commercializing diagnostic healthcare products. As CGO, Pritchett is leading her team to accelerate the facilitation of consumer health testing under today’s most trusted brands. ixlayer is uniquely positioned to lead this industry transformation because patient-centricity is at the core of the solution. Taking on this piece of the healthcare puzzle, Pritchett and her team have made it easy for organizations across industries and markets to adopt and scale a solution that connects consumers to health testing, removing the traditional barriers they previously experienced in healthcare. 

Accessible and affordable health testing is an essential component of making this shift to proactive care. As delaying care is becoming an alarming trend, the result is not only delayed diagnosis, but also patients who are sicker when they are diagnosed.  Alecia is motivated to help make health testing accessible and affordable, so proactive care becomes expected,  helping consumers better engage in their own health and wellbeing and ultimately resulting in better health outcomes. 

Health testing also plays a critical role in care management. The flexibility alloted by at home self-collection kits provides consumers the convenience of testing in the comfort and privacy of their own home. By removing barriers such as scheduling an appointment, taking time away from work and traveling to a test site, at home testing can make a life-changing difference in a patient’s life. 

Please join the ixlayer team in congratulating Alecia Pritchett on her promotion to Chief Growth Officer.

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