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ixlayer Enhances At-Home Diagnostic Health Testing Platform with Cutting-Edge AI & Data Visualization


Innovative solution empowers healthcare organizations to harness real-time data for actionable insights to improve outcomes across the healthcare ecosystem.

SAN FRANCISCO – October 10, 2023 – ixlayer, the leading provider of cloud-based platforms empowering diagnostic laboratory testing for greater operational efficiency, patient access, and improved outcomes, today announced the launch of its new data visualization solution. The powerful new module enhances ixlayer’s existing analytics with fully customizable business intelligence dashboard reporting that delivers actionable, real-time insights into the performance of at-home diagnostic testing programs throughout the entire patient journey. 

Unseen in the industry today, ixlayer’s analytics solution seamlessly integrates the latest natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI), enabling healthcare leaders to ask questions pertaining to data and receive empowering visual responses that can be used to guide data-driven care management decisions for their patient populations.

“This comprehensive data visualization solution provides a more insightful analysis of testing performance data, empowering health plans, retailers, and biopharma organizations to monitor and manage progress in real-time effectively. With this actionable intelligence, decision-makers can focus on addressing gaps in care, accelerating access to critical drug studies, and promoting greater health equity to improve clinical and quality outcomes and economics across the healthcare ecosystem,” said David Yu, Chief Product Officer at ixlayer.

ixlayer’s platform powers data and analytics in three modules: Operational Excellence, Customer Insights, and Engagement Optimization. With the real-time data visualization solution, healthcare leaders can configure tailored dashboards and custom analytics to identify and proactively mitigate potential issues related to the identification and analysis of patient demographics, deploy effective engagement strategies that correlate to higher completion rates and vendor network management, and ensure a positive patient journey within the diagnostic laboratory testing process. 

Health plan administrators benefit from ixlayer’s analytics through accelerated intervention strategies. The tool can identify non-compliant members in real time as opposed to waiting on traditional reporting, which is typically delivered at the conclusion of a diagnostic testing program. Armed with data-driven insights into their members’ testing journey, administrators are empowered to take action to promote member engagement and compliance at the right time, leading to better healthcare outcomes and improving plan performance in HEDIS® quality measures. 

With ixlayer’s advanced analytic capabilities informing the buying behaviors of their customers, retail pharmacies can leverage aggregated demographics correlated to preferred sample collection kits to gain invaluable insight into customer and product fit, driving improved healthcare outcomes for consumers, and maximizing retail marketing ROI while building stronger brand valuation for consumers. 

For biopharma companies, ixlayer’s real-time data visualization solution enables a more effective dashboard to monitor targeted populations with sophisticated demographic and geographic result analysis to support and mitigate potential issues in patient engagement while tracking comprehensive compliance metrics to ensure seamless alignment with marketing objectives. 

“Home diagnostic testing can be a high-value way for pharma companies, retail pharmacies, and health plans alike to get closer to patients,” added Yu. “By investing in a platform with advanced analytics and dashboards, healthcare leaders can meet the rising consumer expectations while strengthening clinical care – creating new opportunities to advance better health for the entire population.” 

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ixlayer is the leading provider of cloud-based platforms empowering diagnostic testing for greater operational efficiency, patient access, and improved outcomes. Seamlessly integrating with all systems to provide unparalleled access to effective health testing solutions, ixlayer’s platforms empower health plans, retailers, and biopharma organizations to accelerate speed to market and drive engagement and compliance, while improving brand loyalty. Learn more at  

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