How to Use An ADX Collection Card To Collect A Blood Sample


Healthcare access can be dramatically improved with easy-to-use self-collection kits. Our at-home testing solutions enable you to bring new consumer-centered testing products to your population, all under your own brand.

The complete testing experience created by ixlayer was designed to make it easy and approachable for your members to take control of their health. With flexible testing formats to meet the unique needs of your members, instructions and support provided in multiple languages, and instructional video assets – we work at length to ensure your members have the resources they need to successfully collect a sample.
In this blog post, we’d like to walk through the process of collecting a blood sample.

Getting Ready to Collect a Blood Sample

Your member’s self-collection kit has arrived in the mail, with discrete exterior packaging for privacy. Once they open the box, they will begin their testing journey with your customized, branded materials – including instructions and the supplies they need to move forward with their blood test. 

At the top of the instruction card, a large red font captures your member’s attention and reads: “To prevent rejected specimens, please read all instructions before beginning collection.” We know from experience the importance of drawing the member’s attention the need to read the instructions thoroughly before they get started. Understanding the instructions is also key for ensuring they have chosen a good day to complete the testing and are able to mail the sample back within 24 hours. 

When they look further at the instructions, they will notice a clear step-by-step progression that is easily identifiable with each action item labeled numerically (1., 2., 3., etc.). This method is used to ensure your customers understand that the order in which the steps are completed is important. These instructions are written with clear, simple language that also includes images demonstrating the action at each step. This provides additional instruction options for visual learners or those needing language support – improving the accessibility of your product. 

For an ADX Blood Collection, the step-by-step instructions for your members are as follows:

Activate kit

Activate your kit by visiting <insert your brand here>

Complete information

Place the Serum Separator Blood Collection Card on a clean, dry surface. Print your first name, last name and date of birth. Please print legibly and be sure to use the same name you used to activate your kit.

Prepare hands

Wash your hands with soap and warm water and dry thoroughly with a paper towel or clean hand towel. To increase blood flow to your fingers, rub your hands together for 10-15 seconds.

Clean your fingertip

Choose a finger to collect blood from. The middle or ring finger on your non-dominant hand is recommended. Clean the finger with an alcohol swab and allow it to dry completely. 

Collecting The Sample

Prepare for blood collection

Remove the protective cap from the tip of the lancet by twisting and pulling. Place your hand flat on a hard surface. Place the tip of the lancet slightly off-center on the tip of your middle or ring finger. Holding the lancet steady, press down firmly until it “clicks”, then release. Squeeze your finger upward from the palm toward your fingertip to encourage blood flow. Wipe the first drop of blood off your finger with the sterile gauze pad that came in your test kit. If blood flow is slow, standing may help increase flow to your fingers.

Collect blood sample

Hold your finger over the square collection box on the left of the Serum Separator Blood Collection Card. Do not let your finger touch the card. Squeeze your finger until the blood drops freely, continuing to apply blood drops until the first line turns red. Do not wait between drops. Once your sample collection is complete, allow it to air dry for 30 minutes before packaging your sample to mail it to the lab. 

Package & Mail Blood Sample

Package sample

After waiting 30 minutes for your sample to air dry, place the Serum Separator Blood Collection Card in the specimen bag with the absorbent pad and seal the bag. Discard any used or extra lancets and all other kit materials into the proper container.

Mail sample

Place the specimen bag in the box along with any other samples you may need to collect. Place the box into the prepaid shipping mailer and drop off at the appropriate shipping location. To track your shipment to the lab, note the tracking number on the shipping label and visit to track the status.

Result Delivery & Ongoing Support

The supported member journey doesn’t end when they put their test kit in the mail. We will provide your members with updates, applying your branding, to let them know when their kit has arrived at the lab and again when their results are ready. 

Also, other testing companies deliver medical lab reports that often leave patients with a list of numbers they likely don’t understand and no clear plan of action for what’s next. Your members will receive a branded result report that explains what was measured, an explanation of their results, and recommended next steps – even if their results are within the normal range.

ixlayer’s promise is that we can enable your organization to deliver at-home tests branded for your company, managed behind the scenes on the ixlayer platform. This is one of the key capabilities of the ixlayer solution that elevates us above our peers. The complete ixlayer solution is provided to you and your members under your own brand- you advise on the voice, tone, brand guidelines and we take it from there. Additionally, we do not acquire your members for our own marketing purposes- you own the member relationship, the population health insights and the HEDIS® ready data file. This is our commitment to the success of your program and your ability to foster a lifelong relationship with your members- and there’s no other solution on the market that can promise this.

Let’s connect to discuss how the ixlayer platform can provide a simple yet elegant, solution that supports your members from ordering to sample collection, and through results delivery with customizable content and user journeys crafted by our team of user experience, medical, and health education experts.