Chronic Condition Management program best practices for member engagement and compliance


A staggering 80% of factors affecting health outcomes fall outside of clinical care settings. In order to be successful with Chronic Condition Management (CCM) programs, health plans must meet members where they are. Providing members with the tools they need to manage their condition, including regular screenings, should be a part of every chronic condition management program. According to available CMS data of 20 million patients in 2020, staggering drops in preventive care occurred last year: 114,636 missed colonoscopies, 158,717 missed mammograms, and 114,367 missed pap smears. 

The lack of preventive care only exacerbates the condition and complications of members who have a chronic disease or are at-risk for chronic disease. Often, care is delayed not because a member is unwilling but due to a lack of transportation or they are without access to childcare. In order to drive compliance with programs, health plans should consider offering members multiple testing options. 

For example, at-home testing removes the barriers of transportation and scheduling, allowing members to test on their home turf on their own time. At-home testing is not limited to self-collection. Mobile phlebotomy makes it easier for members to comply with screening programs because they don’t have to travel to a site or some other central location to get their blood drawn. The bottom line is more testing options make it easier for patients to complete their screenings.

One component of a Chronic Condition Management program is making it easy for members to complete their tests. It is also critical that your program includes effective member engagement that makes it easy for members to collect their samples, return the test and see their results. Especially for CCM, it’s important to have longitudinal results available for your members so they can monitor progress over time.

And it goes without saying that reporting and analytics are of critical importance. When deploying a CCM program, it’s important that the data is easy to work with – exportable and aggregated – where you can see a program overview as well as drilling all the way down to tracking member engagement. 

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