ixlayer powers accessible, affordable, branded, diagnostic laboratory testing programs for health plans, retailers, and biopharma companies.

Patient-Centric Solutions

Diagnostic testing reimagined

Our fully integrated, custom solutions enable clients to offer a personalized healthcare experience. We have powered 1,100+ nationwide programs and millions of diagnostic tests annually.

Turnkey Testing

Choose from thousands of diagnostic tests backed by our technology and ecosystem

Leverage our infrastructure to offer custom test kits, lab services, reporting, and health maintenance.

Who Benefits?

While our clients hail from a variety of industries, it’s their patients and customers who benefit most

Health Plans

Several of the nation’s top health plans use our white-labeled kits, network of labs and cloud-based platform to close gaps in care.

Retail Pharmacies

Pharmacies and other retailers use our solutions to bring diagnostic testing products, preventive health, and wellness programs to market faster and to manage them more efficiently.

Biopharma Companies

Pharma and biopharma companies leverage our ecosystem to maximize therapeutic and commercial success.

Start Faster

Look who’s using our proven diagnostic testing network

Leading companies and organizations are joining forces with ixlayer to make testing better for everyone.

Why Us?

Choose ixlayer for proven infrastructure and a world-class consumer experience

No Limits

With thousands of diagnostic tests and CLIA-certified lab options we help clients start faster, more affordably, and with complete confidence.

Infinite Flexibility

Intuitive portals and personalized processes allow consumers and practitioners to access diagnostic tests and results on their terms, when and how they want.

Seamless & Secure

Our technology ensures a precise and secure flow of information, as well as an engaging and delightful patient or consumer experience.

Customer Impact

Here’s what our clients are saying

From making diagnostic laboratory testing faster and more convenient to preventing illnesses before they begin, our clients are achieving unprecedented results with our white-labeled products, services, and ecosystem.

National Health Plan

ixlayer helped a national health plan successfully close care gaps and address crucial HEDIS® measures before the end of the calendar year among a diabetic population.

activation percentage
NPS 58
in "excellent" range
3X increase in action among emailed patients

With the COVID-19 pandemic unfolding, the United States Coast Guard was in search of a testing platform that enabled them to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 among their members, and allow them to safely do their jobs.

active duty members & recruits tested
hours turnaround time for test results
5 rigorous security measures met
National Retailer

A top national retailer was seeking a solution that offered a variety of self-collection kits to be sold in stores and online, so consumers could conduct discreet and affordable testing on their own terms. The retailer saw this as an opportunity to expand care access for consumers while reinforcing consumer loyalty.

shopped for related products
viewed result-based healthcare recommendations
21% booked a post-test healthcare visit
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