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New ixlayer Physician Survey Reveals Overwhelming Support for At-Home Diagnostic Testing


83% of U.S. physicians across specialties believe at-home diagnostic tests help move patients through the care continuum faster, leading to earlier diagnosis and treatment to support better health

SAN FRANCISCOJune 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ixlayer – a healthcare technology platform that enables direct-to-patient solutions for biopharma companies – today released the results of a new survey unveiling insights into provider attitudes towards at-home diagnostic testing in healthcare. The data showed that 83% of U.S. physicians believe at-home testing can help move patients through the care continuum faster, accelerating the path to diagnosis and improving health outcomes.

“The sooner patients get diagnosed, the sooner they get connected with the care they need to stay healthy. This survey proves physicians are aligned in their support for at-home testing to help speed the patient journey and improve overall health outcomes,” said ixlayer’s Head of Clinical Innovation, Bernard Esquivel, MD, PhD.

In the survey, 87% of physicians also acknowledged at-home testing improves access to diagnostic services, citing benefits such as convenience and improved compliance. One respondent noted specifically, “There is a large subset of my patients where making routine office visits is difficult, either complicated by age, travel time, costs, or time constraints. So I see having a convenient, at-home solution as a plus for improving medical care.”

ixlayer’s survey, conducted by the DHC Group and Sermo, polled more than 140 physicians across multiple specialties nationwide. Other key findings include:

Two out of three believe at-home tests are reliable (63%) and trust (64%) the process of generating results
80% said at-home diagnostic testing would support or enhance current provider workflows
91% reported they would provide at-home diagnostic kits to their patients
84% of physicians felt it was important to have the results of at-home testing automatically routed to their office
“Given the robust support from physicians for at-home testing to facilitate quicker and more informed healthcare decisions, biopharma companies should seize this valuable opportunity to reach more patients, decrease time to diagnosis and better support positive outcomes,” said Matthew Walsh, General Manager, Biopharma at ixlayer.

Pharma companies can realize the benefits of at-home testing by adopting ixlayer’s direct-to-patient platform. This platform serves as a comprehensive solution, connecting the entire ecosystem of diagnostic services, from patient education and customized diagnostic kits to CLIA-certified multimodal diagnostic lab testing services, telehealth and accessible reporting of results. For more information on ixlayer’s technology, visit:


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