ixlayer: Flexible by Design


A Conversation with ixlayer’s Chief Product Officer, David Yu

David Yu has over 25 years of expertise in cultivating digital products and businesses across diverse sectors, including healthcare technology, media & entertainment, fintech, and e-commerce.

At ixlayer, David spearheads the design and development of the core product and platform, aiming to accelerate the adoption of remote diagnostics by enhancing the patient experience through consumer-centric approaches.


Q: What do the “i” and “x” mean in “ixlayer”?

A: The “i” stands for infrastructure, highlighting the robust technological backbone that supports our services. The “x” signifies experience, emphasizing the user-centric approach woven into our products.


Q. In what ways do our infrastructure and experience underpin the services and products we offer our clients?

A: Our infrastructure ensures scalability, reliability, and security, laying a sturdy foundation for a multi-modal lab testing solution. Meanwhile, our focus on user experience provides intuitive interfaces and seamless interactions, enhancing patient satisfaction and engagement while ensuring appropriate and timely connection to care.


Q. Can you elaborate on the reliability and security of your infrastructure?

A: At ixlayer, we prioritize regulatory compliance and security throughout every step of the process. Our labs are all CLIA Certified and CAP Accredited, our data infrastructure is HiTrust certified and SOC2 and HIPAA compliant and we stay up to date with the latest legislation.


Q. The name of this blog is “Flexible by Design”. Why?

A: ixlayer was built to be flexible. We are horizontally integrated. For instance, we partner with 23 different clinical labs, 5 physician and telehealth networks, 5 mobile phlebotomy services, and 7 kitting and fulfillment companies to ensure we can deliver the solutions that best align with our clients’ needs.


Q. How does this flexibility differentiate us from competitors and contribute to our value proposition?

A: Our robust and flexible product design enables rapid deployment and scalability, and allows us to configure solutions to best meet our clients’ needs – whether that is validating a test for remote use, offering the option for patients to go to a service center, or enabling the option to talk to a physician. We’ve built the product already – it just needs to be retrofitted to meet a client’s specific KPIs. It also ensures our offerings remain adaptable to evolving industry demands.


Q. One last question, why should biopharma consider ixlayer?

A: ixlayer offers the opportunity to work with one partner to activate a fully configurable, end-to-end solution. We integrate into all existing work-streams and limit the number of resources that need management and alignment. Our activations provide quicker deployment and access to specialists in healthcare technology, compliance and patient engagement.


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About ixlayer

ixlayer is the only end-to-end, direct-to-patient platform built for biopharma and optimized for patient choice. We help biopharma companies connect with patients from testing to treatment with speed, transparency, control and impact.