• Strategic Lab Partners

    Serving genetic, molecular, microbiology and clinical labs nationwide, Strategic Lab Partners is your convenient, trusted source for kitting, lab supplies and lab-related printing.
  • Intelliseq

    Intelliseq is a dynamically growing, cutting-edge biomedical company specializing in the fields of genomics and bioinformatics. We provide comprehensive solutions of high-throughput DNA sequencing for medical diagnostics and scientific research
  • InTeleLabs

    InTeleLabs is a telehealth and personalized medicine company empowering patients and consumers with online access to at-home, medical quality, clinically validated lab testing, through a national network of experienced, board certified physicians and CLIA-certified clinical laboratories.
  • Genome Medical

    Genome Medical is a nationwide medical practice and efficient genomic services network providing high quality genomic medicine consultations and genetic counseling services. We bridge the gap between genome technology and medical practice by serving both physicians and patients to move…
  • PWNHealth

    PWNHealth is a leading provider of lab connectivity, compliance, and patient outreach solutions. Our platform enables testing solutions for health and wellness, telemedicine, diagnostic labs, and payer markets, who use our services to facilitate quick and seamless consumer access to…

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