• Life Epigenetics

    Life Epigenetics use the ixlayer Enterprise Platform to offer white-label biological age biomarker testing rebranded for its different customers. Epigenetics can better assess an individual’s health and wellness than traditional physical checkup methods, as well as provide new insights into…
  • Plum care

    PlumCare uses ixlayer to combine the simplicity of saliva-based DNA testing, data from all participating family members (family trios or more), family medical history, external research, and analysis. With a subscription, the service provides ongoing monitoring of scientific advances with…
  • Avera

    Avera Health is a regional health system based in Sioux Falls, S.D., comprising more than 300 locations in 100 communities throughout South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and North Dakota. Avera serves a geographical footprint of more than 72,000 square miles…
  • Vitalleo

    Vitalleo provides chiropractic and wellness care, and with access to over 400 practitioners nationwide, Vitalleo partnered with ixlayer to offer Well Aligned personalized wellness system, merging core chiropractic care with functional therapies and customized nutritional recommendations. For more information, visit wellaligneddna.com
  • Baebies

    Baebies have partnered with advocacy groups to advance newborn screening and offer ELI products as complementary to standard public health newborn screening programs from their CLIA-certified laboratory. For more information, visit baebies.com

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