Health Cloud

Launching a health technology platform is an expensive, complicated, and time consuming effort.

Development Time

12-18 months for product development, integration, and testing. 10-12 months to get SOC2 certification for health products.

Development Cost

$2M development and $1M annual operation cost including additional operation cost for a mandatory certification

Required Resources

Resources needed include frontend, backend and cloud engineers as well as designers, product or project managers, and devops.

Regulatory Requirements

Regulatory requirments sucah as HIPAA, SOC2, GDPR, are time consuming to setup and resource have to maintain.

Interface layer

  1. Design UI/UX
  2. Ecommerce integration
  3. Kit registration
  4. Electronic consent
  5. Health questionnaire
  6. Sample status tracking
  7. CRM & Notification
  8. Result reporting
  9. Gifting flow
  10. Registration
  11. Patient portal
  12. Admin portal
  13. Physician Portal
  14. Home page
  15. About page
  16. Education page
  17. Product Pages
  18. FAQ
  19. Privacy policy page
  20. Terms of service page
  21. Authentication page
  22. Registration page
  23. Verify email page
  24. Reset password page
  25. Kit-registration page
  26. Profile info page
  27. Health questionnaire page
  28. HIPAA consent pages
  29. Research consent pages
  30. User consent page
  31. Pre-Result consent
  32. Sample collection page
  33. Dashboard
  34. Result pages
  35. Result PDF
  36. Action plan page
  37. Profile page
  38. Order history page
  39. GDPR cookie notification

Backend layer

  1. Cloud architecture
  2. Staging environment
  3. Production environments
  4. Genetic data hosting
  5. Imputation & interpretation
  6. Clinical labs API integration
  7. Physician API integration
  8. Genetic counseling API
  9. CRM setup and integration
  10. HIPAA compliant
  11. GDPR compliant
  12. SOC2 certification
  13. EHR integration
  14. Ecommerce integration
  15. Fulfillment service integration
  16. Notification service
  17. SMS text message services
  18. Quick-sight integration
  19. Data analytics

Science & Regulatory

  1. Clinical report
  2. Polygenic risk score
  3. Interpretation & Imputation
  4. Physician oversight
  5. Scientific evaluation
  7. Exclusion criteria
  8. WGS, Exome, NGS, Array
  9. Ancestry report
  10. Phenotype collection
  11. Genetic consulting
  12. PHI access rights

Operation layer

  1. CRM management
  2. Platform updates
  3. User data access
  4. Platform Analytics
  5. Integration management
  6. Certificate management
  7. HIPAA Monitoring & logs
  8. Cyber liability insurance
  9. Security audits
  10. Cloud scaling
Launch ready in no time

ixlayer provides all the required building blocks for launching Health platform & cloud, allowing you to plug-and-play, as well as:

  1. Reduce costs
    by 80%

    Eliminate the need for domain-expert personnel, developing, operating cloud infrastructure by utilizing production-ready services

  2. Reduce

    Reduce time to market by 8 to 9 months. Spend your time on marketing strategies vs. months of engineering to reinvent the wheel.

  3. Launch

    Utilize cutting edge technology in one single place, to build high-quality genetic apps as quickly and reliably as possible.

  4. Reach
    new markets

    Launch your products internationally and reach new customers over 22 geographic regions around the world.

  5. B2B

    Leverage platform functionalities to offer your product white-labeling and rebranded for your B2B customers.

  6. Minimize
    security threats

    Get proven security best practices out of the box and eliminate the guesswork and human mistakes that can jeopardize your application security

  7. Unlock the value
    of your data

    Leverage the platform’s data visualization and machine learning services to unlock new valuable insights about your end users.

Focus on science and your users,
not software infrastructure
Without connect
Without ixlayer, developing a genetic product includes integration with genetic labs and a physician network, backend, frontend and mobile development, security and encryption, cloud architecture, CLIA compliance, and Operations.
  • Product Concept
  • Web & Mobile Development
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Scientific Evaluation
  • Testing
  • Live
With ixLayer
With ixlayer, all that is needed is your scientific and clinical knowledge. Focus on your business strategy, go-to-market strategy, and launching revenue-generating products within a fraction of the cost and time.
  • Science
  • Live
Custom design and UI/UX for
your brand and audience

One size doesn’t fit all in Health and the user/patient experience. An Alzheimer’s test has a very different content, message, UI, and product experience versus a fitness product or a newborn screening test.

Best in class product experience

ixlayer product & design team works together with you to develop a fully custom product concept, design, and UI/UX that speaks for your brand. This includes product brainstorming, identifying value propositions, and design with a feature-rich product for your genetic application.

Together we will create best in class health products and an educational, easy to understand, stress-free user/patient experience.

An end-to-end solution

ixlayer is an end-to-end solution that has everything you need to launch a Health platform & cloud for your program, including:

B2B White Labeling for Enterprise

ixlayer Enterprise Platform enables you to offer your product as white-labeled and rebranded for your B2B customers. This scalable platform provides customizable branding for your subsidiaries or B2B customers in the form of

Admin portal and platform management

ixlayer’s administration portal is tailored to all staff types whether it’s a physician, medical assistant, phlebotomist, athletic trainer, nutritionist, etc. Each comes with different roles & different access rights.

Examples of organization staff are:

Clinical staff with PHI data access rights

– Physicians
– Genetic Counselors
– Medical Assistants
– Nurses Trial coordinators

Marketing & customer support staff with limited data access rights

– Customer support team
– Marketing team
– Physical trainers/nutritionist
– Other type of non-clinical staff

International coverage

International cloud

ixlayer utilizes AWS cloud and covers over 69 availability zones within 22 geographic regions around the world. We have announced plans to support China and east Asia utilizing Alibaba cloud services.


ixlayer is a multilingual platform that enables you to launch a health product in multiple languages.

International Ecommerce

ixlayer is integrated with Shopify and Magento and enables e-commerce in 34 countries


ixlayer is GDPR compliant and supports all European geographic regions.