Health data platform
for preventive care

Data is the foundation for preventive health care, and there are two types of health data:

ixlayer’s platform puts the patient at the center by allowing the combination of static and dynamic health data to be the driver for personalized recommendations and targeted action plans.

Health Data Graph

ixlayer platform was designed based on a Health-Data-Graph structure that depicts relations of each user’s static-health-data (age, gender, genetics, family history, etc.) and dynamic-health-data (lifestyle, daily behavioral choices, medication, etc.)

In short, it creates a model and representation of each user and the cohort they belong to. The result is a personalized action plan targeted to each individual.

How to Provide Personalized Action Plan

The ixlayer Health-Data-Graph system utilizes data tagging to provide tailored action plans for users. Each user is tagged based on:

Each user is tagged based on:

  • Test result (genetics & other biomarkers)
  • Health history & persona information
  • Interactive patient engagement surveys

The user engagement surveys are interactive questionnaires created by you where each answer tags an attribute to the user. Example:

The user in this example is a heavy smoker using E-Cigarettes.

By combining this information to their genetic variation and other data, we can provide an action plan that is 100% targeted to this individual, oering customized preventive care.

ixlayer’s platform puts the patient at the center
Allowing the combination of static and dynamic health data to be the driver for personalized recommendations and targeted action plans.

Data Visualization

ixlayer platform allows researchers to easily query, manipulate, and search data in a fully aggregated and de-identified way to ensure participant privacy.

The integrations with business analytics platforms such as Quicksight enables you to perform comparative analysis and create comprehensive

Mix and match different options to investigate the effect of genotype on multiple traits or investigate multiple genotypes that affect the same trait: select genotype and phenotype combinations to plot heatmaps to facilitate comparative analysis or interaction effects.

Security and Data protection

ixlayer’s platform has been designed and developed with the highest security and encryption standards. We take the protection of your data seriously, and we are taking several steps to ensure that it remains safe and secure. Fully compliant with industry security guidelines. All data is encrypted at rest and transmitted.

  • HIPAA Compliance

    – Designated compliance ocer
    – Training and education for all staff
    – Internal monitoring and auditing
    – Business associate agreement (BAA)

  • GDPR Compliance

    – User right to access and move data
    – User right to delete data at anytime
    – Explicit, accessible, intelligible use consent process
    – Breach notification within 72 hours

  • SOC2 Certification

    – Encryption in rest and transit
    – Two-factor authentication
    – Network/application firewalls
    – Intrusion detection and recovery

  • PHI Data Control

    – Admin portal with PHI control
    – Assign Clinical sta members with PHI access
    – Limited access rights to marketing/support staff